HVAC/R Parts and Units

Most of our work and daily living take place in the great indoors, so reliable and hassle-free solutions for heating and cooling shouldn’t be hard to find. Since 1998, Hitek Industry Company Limited has been supplying quality HVAC and refrigeration equipment and accessories to high end and middle end customers around the world, particularly in U.S. and EU markets. Our efficient air conditioners, compressors, condensers, defrost heaters, motors, pumps, valves, and refrigeration tools are increasingly used in industrial productions, commercial places, and households around the world. With our durable and long lasting products, you can comfortably enjoy the indoors at any time of year. Contact us to find out more options today.

    1. Run Capacitor

      The run capacitor, which most commonly uses polypropylene film, is a two-terminal electrical device designed to run the entire time the motor is on. The classic CBB61 motor capacitor has a range of 1.5 to 100 microfarads (µF or mfd), with voltage classifications of 370 V or 440 V.

    1. Commercial Air Conditioning

      Our commercial aircons consist of a fan coil unit, integrated air handling unit, water-source heat pump unit, rooftop air conditioner and air conditioning unit. They can be used commercially in hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, hospitals, office buildings, up-scale apartments and villas.

    1. Rotary Compressor

      The rotary screw compressor is often used in large industrial applications or to operate high-power air tools such as jackhammers.
      This rotary gas compressor has been used to manufacture aircons, refrigeration products and other products.

    1. D Series Air Cooled Condenser

      The DL condenser can be used in fresh-keeping storehouses where the temperature is kept around 0°C, and the DD condenser can be used when the temperature is lower than -25°C.

    1. Contactor

      The movable iron core of this contactor is made of industrial pure iron.
      This motor contractor has the same installation dimension as its counterparts and is interchangeable with other contactors.

    1. Liquid Line Filter Drier

      This A/C receiver drier absorbs water, acids and other contaminants;
      The filter drier is entirely coated with plastic so it is corrosion-resistant;
      The maximum working pressure is 4.70Mpa/680Psig.

    1. Latch & Hinge

      We supply a number of different latch and hinge designs to use with doors, cabinets, and cupboards of various types. These cabinet hardware are made from zinc-aluminum (ZA) alloys, pig irons and brass honey and have gone through chrome plating treatments and electrophoretic coating.

    1. Manifold Gauge Set and Components

      The pressure gauge is equipped with a clear and accurate display for reading the temperature and pressure.
      Applicable refrigerants: R22/ R134a /R404a/ R407c/ R502/ R410a.

    1. Shaded-Pole Motor

      The shaded-pole motor equips with a flexible motor lead wire which allows the terminal box to be installed by the rotation mount.
      Dust-proof seal rings, oil seals, heating jackets, shaft extenders and special flanges are optional.

    1. Fan Relay

      The fan relay is designed for the circuit control of fans.
      This circuit switch is widely used in production equipment that incorporate a fan or cooling system.

    1. Room Thermostat

      To meet customers’ different requirements for this refrigeration valve, we now provide several basic types of the can tap valve, each of which is reliable, precise, rust-resistant, long lasting and leak-proof.

    1. Transformer

      A transformer transfers energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction.
      Working Frequency: 50/60Hz;
      Dielectric Strength --- 3500VRMS Hipot.