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Defrost Timer

The defrost timer is an important device within refrigerators, refrigerated cabinets, cooling machines and other refrigerating equipment. The timer helps the defrost system defrost the inside part of the refrigerating equipment on a regular basis so users don't have to manually set the defrosting operation.

This mechanical timer is a motorized device that opens and closed several electrical contacts, each of which is connected to the defrost heater circuit or the cooling system. When the compressor runs for a set period of time (say 8 hours), the timer will automatically start defrosting and stop the air compressor. The glass tube defrost heater will run for one to three minutes before resuming regular refrigeration operations.

Our defrost timers are small, accurate, easy to use and highly reliable. Additionally, this defrost controller is waterproof and resistant to radio interferences, which makes it ideal for defrost systems within various refrigerating equipment and air conditioners.

Model List

  • LDA
  • LDB
  • LDC
  • LDC-1
  • LDC-2
  • LDD
  • LDF
  • LDH
  • LD-ALL
  • LDS
  • LDZ