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Air Conditioning Drain Pipe

To satisfy customers' different needs, we provide the following three types of drainage pipes, each of which are carefully designed and manufactured:

  • Corrugated Flexible Drain Pipe
  • Smooth Wall Drain Pipe
  • Insulated Drain Pipe

Our air conditioner drain pipe is a newly developed, light-weight drain water pipe with a double-layer hollow design. Its smooth interior surface and corrugated exterior is made of high quality materials to be rigid, tough, and resistant to high pressure and corrosion. This aircon drain pop has the following features:

1. Easy to transport, install and dismantle
2. Tough and resistant to impact (even if the pipe deforms, fluids will continue to flow smoothly)
3. Resistant to corrosive materials such as acids, alkali and salts, and free from scaling
4. Securely connectors
5. Long service life