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Halogen Leak Detector

A halogen leak detector helps you quickly spot leaks in your air conditioning system so you can get your equipment fixed and working again quickly. Made with advanced techniques and equipment, this leak detector is designed with many functions including 7-levels of real-time sensitivity adjustment, leaking spot tracking, power display, three-color visual display, noise reduction, digital signal processing and a microprocessor control.

The halogen leak detector is portable and comes with a holster. Credited with being highly reliable, ergonomically designed, and sensitive, the leak detector has a quick response and anti-interference features. Equipped with a touch screen control device, users can easily adjust the sensitivity levels at any time. A three-color polymer light-emitting diode indicates the size of the leak. The leak detector now comes with a two-year warranty to ensure a reliable and long lasting use.

Features of Halogen Leak Detector
1. Advanced microprocessor control with a digital signal processing function
2. Three-color visual display
3. 7-levels of sensitivity adjustment which allows users to increase the sensitivity by 64 times
4. Touch screen keypad control
5. Real-time sensitivity adjustment
6. Automatic battery test function
7. Battery voltage monitor
8. Detects leaks in air conditioning systems with R134A, R12 and R22 refrigerants and all halogen refrigerants
9. Mechanical pumping device to provide increased air flow to the detector’s probe
10. 35cm stainless steel probe rod

Model List

  • CPU-1G
  • CPU-C
  • HLD-100
  • HLD-200+
  • SLD-300
  • WLJ-6000