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Pressure Switch

A pressure switch closes an electrical contact when a set pressure has been reached or makes contact with a rise or fall in pressure.

We provide a wide range of specialty switches with the following functions:

1. Equipped with British standard pipe tapered threaded (BSPT) adapters or designed with a welded brass pipe structure, this industrial pressure switch is easy to use and install.

2. Two wiring methods are available for users to choose from.

3. The switch comes in the SPST, N.C., and N. O. models.

4. This pressure switch is designed with a hermetic structure and equipped with stainless steel hermetic pressure sensors which are easy and safe to use.

5. We can provide you with customized pressure switches whose working pressure ranges from 3 to 700psi (0.02Mpa~4.8Mpa).

6. All the pressure parameters are preset according to your requirements.