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Refrigerant Recovery Unit

The refrigerant recovery unit is used to recover refrigerants, separate nitrogen from the refrigerant, and store liquid refrigerant for further use. Carefully designed and manufactured with high precision tools, this refrigerant recovery equipment is highly reliable and efficient.

Features of the Refrigerant Recovery Unit
1) With a thoughtful and streamlined design, this HVAC refrigerant recovery machine works with a range of refrigerants such as R508B, R23 and other HVAC refrigerants.
2) This machine handles both gaseous and liquid refrigerants and recycles them efficiently and quickly.
3) Designed with multiple filtering and drying devices, this refrigerant recovery unit ensures that all recycled refrigerants dry quickly and are thoroughly purified.
4) Equipped with a PLC control system, this refrigerant recycling machine will automatically stop and detect places of breakdown when the recycling finishes or an irregular temperature or liquid level happens within the equipment.
5) Multiple protective features are added so that machine is safe to use without leaking, pressure damage, or irregular temperatures hindering the process.
6) This machine will stop working when all the refrigerants of the HVAC system are recovered.
7) We can customize features of our refrigerant recovery machine to fit your specific needs.

Wide Applications of Refrigerant Recovery Unit
The refrigerant recovery device is widely used in HVAC systems, low-temperature refrigeration units, low temperature test equipment and lyophilizers and other industrial production processes where the recovery and drying of refrigerants are needed. It is also used to detect and separate nitrogen gas within large air conditioners, therefore, storing and recycling refrigerants.

Technical Specifications of Refrigerant Recovery Unit

Part No. LRU-A
Refrigerants III: R-12,R-134A,R-401C,R-406A,R-500
IV : R-22,R-401A,R-401B,R-402B,R-407C
R-407D,R-408A,R-409A,R-41 1A,R-41 1B
V : R-402A,R-404A,R-407A,R-407B,R-410A,R-507
V oltage 220-240V 50HZ 1 10-120V 60HZ
Motor Power 1/2 HP
Motor Speed 1450rpm@50HZ 1750rpm@60HZ
Max. Current Draw 4A @50HZ 8A @60HZ
Compressor Type "Oil-less" air Cooled
Height pressure shut-of f 38.5bar/385KPa (558psi)
Recovery Rate III IV V
Vapor 0.23kg /min 0.25kg/min 0.26kg /min
Liquid 1.57kg /min 1.81kg/min 1.85kg /min
Push/Pull 4.64kg /min 5.57kg/min 6.22kg /min
Operating Tempt. 0℃~40℃