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Manifold Gauge Set and Components

Designed to test, evacuate and fill automotive air conditioning systems, the A/C manifold gauge set contains all the necessary gauging devices you need, such as gauges equipped with impact-resistant lenses, glasses for viewing the condition of the refrigerant, hoses, quick-fit fittings and high pressure safety valves, each of which is well-designed, reliable, and not easily deformed.

Made of quality materials, this digital pressure gauge has a user-friendly display design, high accuracy readings, easy operation and long service life.

Specifications of Digital Pressure Gauge
Interface: 1/8 inch NPT;
Applicable refrigerants: R22/134a/404a/407c/410a;
Pressure unit: MPA/BAR/PSI/KPA;
Temperature unit: ℃ / °F.

Features of Pressure Gauge
1. Though small, this pressure gauge is secure and easy to operate.
2. The pressure gauge is equipped with a clear and accurate display for reading the temperature and pressure.
3. Attached via a holster cover, this digital pressure gauge is highly resistant to impact.
4. This HVAC gauge measures positive and negative pressures in working conditions where mechanical vibrations or pressure is strong.

  • LDM536G Digital Manifold Gauge
  • LDM636G Digital Manifold Gauge
  • LDM136G Digital Manifold Gauge

This industrial manifold gauge is designed for use in air conditioning and refrigerating systems. Equipped with a LED digital display and imported high quality sensors, this battery-powered HVAC gauge measures precisely, has extremely low power consumption and reliable performance, and is easy to install. Other features include:

1. automatic pre-heating function
2. low battery indicator
3. LED digital display of temperature and pressure
4. rubber holster cover, quite durable
5. application to multiple refrigerants
6. easy to operate and carry

Technical Specifications of Digital Manifold Gauge

Part No. Description
LDM501 LDM601 LDM101 Brass body, Hook, 2Handwheels
LDM536G LDM636G LDM136G Brass body + 2 Gauges + LCH336RYB hose
LDM560G LDM660G LDM160G Brass body + 2 Gauges + LCH360RYB hose
LDM572G LDM672G LDM172G Brass body + 2 Gauges + LCH372RYB hose
  • LRG250 Refrigeration Gauge
  • LRG500 Refrigeration Gauge

The refrigeration gauge is a reliable refrigeration gauging device designed to measure the pressure of non-corrosive, non-crystalline and high-viscosity liquids or gases. Though sharing some common properties with diaphragm pressure gauges, this pressure gauge is highly resistant to pressure pulses, strong impact and vibration.

Technical Specifications of Refrigeration Gauge

Part No. Description
LRG250 Blue case, 250PSI
LRG500 Red case, 500PSI
  • LFG250GF
  • LFG500GF
  • LFG250
  • LFG500

This liquid filled gauge is a pressure gauge with the following advantages
1. The liquid absorbs vibration and pressure spikes.
2. The dampening action of the liquid helps operators to take the reading of the pressure in conditions of rapid and dynamic loading and vibration.
3. There is less chance for abrasion as all moving elements are lubricated.
4. Since the entire gauge has a hermetic structure and is filled with non-aqueous liquid, it is resistant to moisture, ice formation and rust.

Technical Specifications of Liquid Filled Gauge

Part No. Description
LFG250GF Glycerin filled, 250PSI
LFG500GF Glycerin filled, 500PSI
LFG250 Glycerin filled, 250PSI
LFG500 Glycerin filled, 500PSI

This refrigerantcharging hose is built to be durable and long lasting. The hose can come in different lengths and is made of natural rubber and brass. It's used in working conditions where the temperature ranges from -30 to 100 ℃.

As the rubber lining interior and protective layer are highly resistant to oils and leak-proof, this industrial hose works well for refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We can also customize hoses for customers' different products. A number of sealing gaskets are also available.

Applicable refrigerants: R22/ R134a /R404a/ R407c/ R502/ R410a;
Working pressure: 600psi~3000psi or 800psi~4000psi;
Length: 36" 48” 72" 96;

Technical Specifications of Charging Hose

Description Hose set 3x36" Hose set 3x60" Hose set 3x72"
Max. Working Pressure (PSI) R12, R22 500 500 500
R134A 600 600 600
R410A 800 800 800
Burst Pressure
R12, R22 2500 2500 2500
R134A 3000 3000 3000
R410A 4000 4000 4000