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Solder Paste

Exhibition of Solder Paste

This solder paste is a paste designed for high-speed, automated brazing operations. Made up of alloy powder, paste welding flux and other additives, the paste is thixotropic, meaning it will thin out and flow when agitated but become sticky and firm when static. This solder paste can be applied to materials placed in position at room temperature. As the temperature rises, the alloy paste will melt, binding metals more tightly together. When cooled, the metals will be firmly held into place for welding.

Package: 115g/Tin, 24Tins/Carton;

Main Feature
1) The brazing paste is applicable for brazing stainless steel, nickel, copper, brass, bronze and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys;
2) Chemically active from 800 ºF to 1600 ºF;
3) Extremely fluid, will seep into the tightest joints.;
4) Won't recrystallize.

The surface that will be welded must be dry and clean before applying the paste. The welding supply should be evenly stirred and hermetically closed after use.