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Delay Timer

  • LCM102
  • LCM103

With a simple adjustable circuit time which controls the relay, our delay timers can provide a double power supply and power bypasses if working in tandem with other instruments. With a remote control, users can easily set start and stop times automatically and switch on emergency signals. Our delay timers are reliable and efficient as well as being dust-proof and waterproof, so they won't be easily damaged in the workplace.

Technical Specifications of Delay Timer

Part No. Description
LCM102 Delay on Make Timer (DOM)
"ON" delay on make, used to delay the start-up of fan and prevent rapid cycling of the compressor in oil and gas systems, helping reduce power surges in multiple compressor applications.
LCM203 Delay On Break Timer (DOB)
"OFF" delay on break, used to protect air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump equipment from damage that may be caused by the rapid short-cycling of compressors due to momentary loss of power.

* 18-240VAC/VDC: 1.5Amps, 15 Amps in rush;
Adjustable delays: 0.1-8 minutes.