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Fan Relay

The fan relay is designed for the circuit control of fans and comes in several different models for various applications, each of which is carefully designed, safe, and reliable with a long service life. This circuit switch is widely used in production equipment that incorporate a fan or cooling system.

Technical Specifications of Fan Relay

Part No. Coil volt. Type
LD90-360 24 SPST
LD90-362 110/120 SPST
LD90-364 208/240 SPST
LD90-370 24 SPST
LD90-372 110/120 SPST
LD90-374 208/240 SPST
LD90-380 24 SPNO-NC
LD90-382 110/120 SPNO-NC
LD90-384 208/240 SPNO-NC
LD90-290 24 SPST
LD90-291 110/120 SPST
LD90-292 208/240 SPST
LD90-293 24 SPDT
LD90-294 110/120 SPDT
LD90-295 208/240 SPDT