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Thermostat Guard

Exhibition of Thermostat Guards

  • LTG-1 Thermostat Guard
  • LTG-2 Thermostat Guard
  • LTG-3 Thermostat Guard
  • LTG-4 Thermostat Guard
  • LTG-5 Thermostat Guard

A thermostat guard is a protective case for the thermostat so that it can't be easily tampered with or damaged. With a user-friendly design, the thermostat guard is made of quality materials and has a key lock. The guard can easily be mounted on a wall. We now provide customized thermostat covers, which can be used in HVAC or refrigeration systems.

Technical Specifications of Thermostat Guards

Part No. Size (mm) Cross Reference
L W H Beko White-Rodgers Mars
LTG-1 129 120 75 BTG-EK F29-0225 70201
LTG-2 167 148 85 BTG-K F29-0227 70205
LTG-3 194 120 85 BTG-RK F29-0143 70210
LTG-4 255 158 97 BTG-UK2 F29-0198 70220
LTG-5 217 144 65 TG-DK F29-0231 70217