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Sight Glass

The sight glass, used in pipelines, gauges the level of refrigerants or lubricants flowing within an HVAC or refrigeration system and how much liquid the refrigerant contains at any given moment. It can also indicate the oil level of the compressor's crankcase and assist the user in monitoring the condition of the system so that if anything goes wrong, the user can quickly take action to repair the machine.

The sight glass monitors the:
1) work situation of refrigerants within the pipelines of a refrigerating system.
2) amount of liquids contained in the refrigerants; when the indicator shows dark blue, the level of liquid is low, and when it shows pink, the liquid levels are too high, and a dryer filter may be needed.
3) flow of liquids within the oil return pipe of a compressor.

All our water gauges are made from modified PTFE sealing materials and an anti-explosion crimping structure which make the gauge highly reliable for observing the condition of refrigeration or HVAC systems. We offer several types of this fluid level gauge, such as the sight glass with flare and soldered sight glass.

Features of the Sight Glass
1) Indicates the amount of liquid contained in the refrigerants
2) Indicates the rapid cooling of refrigerant and oil level of the compressor’s crankcase
3) Indicates the amount of refrigerant and alerts when refrigerants need charging
4) Two available interfaces: welded and screw type

Technical Specifications of Sight Glass (Flare Type)
Part No. Tube O. D.
LSG14 1/4"
LSG38 3/8"
LSG12 1/2"
LSG58 5/8"
LSG34 3/4"
Technical Specifications of Sight Glass (Solder Type)
Part No. Tube O. D.
LSG14A 1/4"
LSG38A 3/8"
LSG12A 1/2"
LSG58A 5/8"
LSG34A 3/4"
Technical Specifications of Sight Glass (Male Female Type)
Part No. Tube O. D.
LSG14MF 1/4"
LSG38MF 3/8"
LSG12MF 1/2"
LSG58MF 5/8"
LSG34MF 3/4"