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Room Thermostat

This room thermostat is commonly used in homes, offices, etc. This household thermostat is highly sensitive to the air temperature and switches into heating or cooling mode when the air temperature varies from a preset temperature. Designed and manufactured with advanced thermal sensing techniques, this room thermostat is energy-efficient and long-lasting. We offer multiple types of thermostats with different designs and features to control the temperature of individual rooms.

Exhibition of Room Thermostats

  • LTH107
  • LTH109
  • LTH-01
  • LTH-02
  • LTH-05
  • LTH1100
  • LTH300
  • LTH2003
  • LTH2008
  • LTH2010
  • LTH2200
  • LTH3700
  • LTH2010
  • LTH2019
  • LTH3100
  • LTH4100
  • LTH5100
  • LTH2016
  • LTH2020
  • LTH3920