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  • A/C Duct (Duct for Air Conditioning)We manufactured a variety of plastic trunkings and fittings for aircons, all of which are made of low density soft nitrile rubber that has low thermal conductivity and is waterproof, wear-resistant, flame retardant, endurable, and environmentally friendly.
  • Air Conditioner BracketWe have several types of quality mounting brackets, which includes brackets for air conditioners with cooling capacity from 9,000 to 2,7000BTU/h. Customized brackets are also available upon request.
  • Air Conditioning Drain PipeOur air conditioner drain pipe is a newly developed, light-weight drain water pipe with a double-layer hollow design. Its smooth interior surface and corrugated exterior is made of high quality materials to be rigid, tough, and resistant to high pressure and corrosion.
  • Air Conditioning FittingsCopper fittings connect the indoor unit and outdoor units in air conditioning systems. In the cooling mode, heat absorbed by the indoor unit is emitted through a large copper tube of which the inlet pipe has a small diameter and the outlet a large diameter.
  • Air Conditioner Remote ControlThe air conditioner remote control is easy and convenient. Designed with an ergonomic shape, our multifunctional A/C remote control can be used with various brand name and non-brand name aircons. A "one-click-search" function helps users configure settings in a quick and easy way.
  • CapacitorAn electrical capacitor alters the current to one or more pathways of a single phase AC induction motor to create a rotating magnetic field. There are two common types of motor capacitors, run capacitors and start capacitors (which includes dual run capacitors).
  • Commercial Air Conditioning

    Our commercial aircons consist of a fan coil unit, integrated air handling unit, water-source heat pump unit, rooftop air conditioner and air conditioning unit. They can be used commercially in hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, hospitals, office buildings, up-scale apartments and villas.

  • CompressorEach of our air compressors is equipped with a PTC or start relay as well as an overload protection device. We rigorously test each compressor before delivery to see how it insulates and withstands voltage, so we can ensure that it will operate smoothly, efficiently, and safely for a long time.
  • Condenser and CoolerThe condenser and cooler play important roles in air conditioning units, refrigerating equipment, and cooling machines. We design and manufacture a number of different models of quality condensers and coolers that operate smoothly, safely, and efficiently, significantly promoting the performance of your cooling equipment.
  • Contactor

    The movable iron core of this contactor is made of industrial pure iron.
    This motor contractor has the same installation dimension as its counterparts and is interchangeable with other contactors.

  • Defrost HeaterThe defrost heater is a type of heating device manufactured with quality parts. The defrost heater reliably removes frost so your production equipment can continue to operate smoothly and efficiently.
  • Defrost TimerThe defrost timer is an important device within refrigerators, refrigerated cabinets, cooling machines and other refrigerating equipment. Our defrost timers are small, accurate, easy to use and highly reliable.
  • Delay TimerWith a simple adjustable circuit time which controls the relay, our delay timers can provide a double power supply and power bypasses if working in tandem with other instruments. With a remote control, users can easily set start and stop times automatically and switch on emergency signals.
  • Filter DrierThe main models of driers we provide are two-way liquid tube filter driers, copper drying filters, and liquid tube filter driers. All of our filter driers are designed to be reliable, durable, and long lasting, suited for a number different types of equipment.
  • Filter Drier CoreThe liquid line filter drier core, consisting of a filter drier, suction filter and oil filter, has standard specifications to fit most refrigerating equipment and is packaged within a quality metal canister which prevents oil, impurities, and dust from entering the core.
  • Halogen Leak DetectorMade with advanced techniques and equipment, this leak detector is designed with many functions including 7-levels of real-time sensitivity adjustment, leaking spot tracking, power display, three-color visual display, noise reduction, digital signal processing and a microprocessor control.
  • Manifold Gauge Set and Components

    The pressure gauge is equipped with a clear and accurate display for reading the temperature and pressure.
    Applicable refrigerants: R22/ R134a /R404a/ R407c/ R502/ R410a.

  • Latch & Hinge

    We supply a number of different latch and hinge designs to use with doors, cabinets, and cupboards of various types. These cabinet hardware are made from zinc-aluminum (ZA) alloys, pig irons and brass honey and have gone through chrome plating treatments and electrophoretic coating.

  • MotorAs a reliable supplier of refrigerating equipment, we not only provide quality air conditioners and accessories, but also a variety of motors which includeoven motors, stepper motors, motors for external rotor fans, AC fans and cross flow fans, general motors, evaporative motors, shaded pole motors and frozen motors.